Monday, February 13, 2012

Going Going Gone.... Be in Quick!

This Saturday at the Underground Market they are having a Sale Day with stall holders offering special deals.  Meaning an already fabulous market becomes even fantabulouser.  Sound good?

So here at Stitchbird Fabrics we will be joining in the fun by having a going, going, gone sale.  Remnants, large fabric packs and lots of other goodies will be on sale.  Some fabrics that have not been available on line for some time (because we only have remnants, we haven't been holding out on you) will become available again.

The first stage of the sale will be at the market on Saturday and thereafter in the store on line.  Now if you are an on line shopper and are scared you will miss out on a fabric you have been hankering for, email me and I will see if there is some in the big pile.  This is just one of the piles....


carole brungar said...


I really like that word! LOL

Notchka said...

I am such a fabric geek - I can see some Saffron Craig dandelions and some several pieces of Heather Ross I would have put my hand up for, if only I had popped in earlier. Oh well, my Husband will be pleased :)