Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big ideas but so far only small projects

That's how I feel about my making this year - lots of big ideas but so far only little things done and it is already mid February.

Today I have been playing with some stamping and water colour paints - nothing very brain taxing - very relaxing in the sun at the end of the dining table.

I have done a number of designs and will be packaging them up for sale at Saturday's market.

I have also made lots of reversible headbands - again for the market and my sister's shop.

I have quite a collection of vintage children's books and I love the quirkiness of this illustration.

I also had fun making some little thank you pressies, needle books, for Miriam and Melissa who very kindly sent me copies of the NZ House and Garden.  Thank you again to both of you.

Now if I coulld just get the time and head space for some of those larger projects I have in mind.


Miriam said...

I love mine! It arrived today. Thank you so much. Will be in my blog spot tomorrow too!

glitz said...

Love the little gift tags.