Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family cooking - when there is not much in the house

We are having Pasta Bake tonight and both my kids are so excited.  It is the kind of meal that has just developed in our house and is the go to dinner when you don't have much of anything, but little bits of a number of veges.

1 can of chopped or diced tomatoes (I usually mushy them up a bit more because I don't like the skin)
1 can of chilli beans
1 packet of spiral pasta just under cooked
Optional - 6 rashers of bacon cut into approx 1 inch square pieces lightly pan fried  

Then it is whatever is left in the garden or fridge in the way of veges - you can use carrots, silverbeet, spinach, corn, courgette, brocolli, beans, capsicum, mushrooms (anything really)  - the secret is that you don't need a lot of any one thing.  I lightly cook the veges - some I just pop in water and bring to the boil and drain off.  Mushrooms, capsicums and courgette I gently pan fry.

Put all of the above in an ovenproof dish mix around and top with grated cheese.  Pop in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at about 160 degrees C and you are done.

And my kids LOVE it!  Easy Peasy.


glitz said...

Its a firm favourite in our house, even now that we are on our own. Another goodie is a can of chickpeas simmered in a jar of pasta sauce poured over cooked pasta covered with baby spinach and mixed up. Chopped walnuts and lemon zest on top and voila - cordon bleu!

glitz said...
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Stitchbird said...

To Glitz - we must be related!! Love and hugs L

MsToothFairy said...

The mystery pasta bake is a big fave in our house too. My daughter is also a HUGE fan of cous cous mixed with tomato paste, ham,grated cheese and grated or frozen veg.

Sarah said...

a friend of mine is always asking me for my recipes as she says I'm the best at making something out of nothing. Thankyou so much for just writing up 1 of my main recips for me lol. Every parent needs a go to recipe like this :)