Thursday, May 6, 2010

check it out!

Woohoo - next week I am going to Auckland to do some wholesale visits and also to got to tea - Crafternoon Tea.

And look who they asked to do a bit of freelance modelling:

The Ric Rac Modelling Agency of course had to agree a modelling fee ;)

The Crafternoon-Tea market will be held on Saturday 15th of May 2010, from 10am-3pm at the Trinity Methodist Church - which is on the corner of Sandringham and New North Roads in Crafty Kingsland.

You can also check out Luisa's blog to find out all the cool crafty people who will be there.

Can't wait!

And another check it out - Melinda is hosting a fabulous giveaway over at her Every Spare Minute.  Although why I am telling you this I don't know because it decreases my chances of winning that beautiful fabric.  So no, don't check it out, you will hate it, YEAH RIGHT!


Jacqui said...

Oooo, are you bringing fabric with you? I haven't been to a Crafternoon Tea yet but that would definitely lure me along :)

Stitchbird said...

Yes I will be bringing fabrics with me. I bring 1/2 metre and fat quarter cuts so if there is anything you are particulalry interested please let me know.

Jacqui said...

Oh I can't pass up the temptation of the Far Far Away Quilt Combo. If I promise faithfully to be there would you bring it up?

Stitchbird said...

Of course I will bring it up and you don't have to promise, if you can make it I would love to meet you!

jodie said...

Oh at least you only have to pay them in peanuts!