Sunday, May 30, 2010

kids art and sew 12

I love kids art, they have no inhibitions and I love their enthusiasm.  I would like to know when we start to lose that?  When do we start editing and become worried about what we produce?  If we could identify that then maybe we could stop it.

Miss M loves all things arty and is doing Clay Sculpting classes this term with my friend Nicki at The Clay Penguin.  This week she brought home this guy...

 He sits on his own chair

I think he is gorgeous.

I have also been a joiner this week, a first for me.  I have been feeling as though I have lost my sewing groove lately, everyday life has been getting in the way of sitting down and just making.  (Also most probably too much time looking at blogs....hmmmm).  So I have decided to join in the Sew 12 organised by the lovely Juliette at Chickpea Sewing Studio

The pledge is that for 12 months, 12 days a month, I will sew for 1 hour.   Well it is out there now, I will just have to do it!  Anybody else want to join in?


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emerson-j said...

cool clay man, that is really neat!!