Tuesday, May 4, 2010

free or $50?

Melinda left a very kind comment on my last blog admiring my free motion quilting.  Now I could sit back and say thank you, you are very kind, but I would be lying!  I SUCK at free motion quilting! 

I have been to the classes, I have done the practice pieces and I have even done some small quilts.  (Don't look too closely at those baby quilts Aunty Sooz - luckily the wrinkles hide alot).

BUT....it just never looks quite right.  I get sore shoulders doing it, I think because I am tense and worried about getting it to look right and if I take a break, well, it's game over, who knows what size those loopedy loops are going to be when I go back to it.

So to save sore shoulders and reduce the swearing, I pay the lovely Sue B in Island Bay to do the quilting for me.  I think the $50 she charged for the owl quilt is well worth it.  She does a lovely job.  Sue does quilting for people from all around the world so if you would like her details please contact me, I can highly recommend her.

If you would like to see something really great check out Melinda's ballet bag she made for her daughter.  She has even very kindly provided the link to the free tutorial!


Melinda said...

Ha - you're very honest! I have heard that it takes a LONG time to get good at fm quilting. After making such a beautiful quilt top it would be a shame to ruin it with sucky quilting :)

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

It's a beautiful quilt alright. Question, Is Sue B available to do other quilting? Like you I like putting it together just not the quilting part?

Stitchbird said...

Hi Brian - yes she is available for all sorts of quilting. She has several long arm quilting machines and you can select what sort or design you would like. My daughter's quilts has dragonflys quilted on to it. You just take your top, batting and backing and Sue looks after things from there. if you would like her contact details email me.