Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As I am measuring and cutting fabric I can't help but stop and play with the colours.  I love the richness of it all, it is also a wee break from measuring and cutting.  I also day dream as to what I or someone else might make with the fabric.

A sunglasses case out of the glasses fabric .... oh the options.

Also on another issue what do you do when you have ordered something over the internet and it does not show up?  I recently brought my perfume, Eternity by Calvin Klein, over an internet site and over three weeks later the delivery which was meant to take 7-10 days has not arrived.   Hmmm meanwhile I have run out of perfume and could be smelling decidedly domestic.  I contacted the company last week and they said "oh sometimes delivery can take longer".  This is not the expectation I was given.  Yesterday to add insult to injury they sent me an email asking me to review the perfume.  I feel like yelling at my computer screen -
"I don't have it!" 

So if I am smelling less than pleasant, please don't tell me, pretend you don't notice and just stand down wind :)


Pauline Stockhausen said...

Hi ya, there is a competition on www.mumsontop.co.nz for the best Nz mummy bloggers. All you have to do is nominate yourself.

Jacqui said...

Ha, I see you've been spammed by the same person who just spammed me :) I keep good company obviously.

Thanks so much for the fabric that arrived today, can't wait to get started on the quilt! And the little scraps are sweet, especially the deer. It's good to see what the linen FFA looks like, quite different to the double gauze.

I've been so lucky with ordering things online, although I had one recently that I thought wasn't going to come after waiting past the suggested delivery times. I emailed the company and didn't even get a response, I was about to take it up with Paypal when the fabric arrived. Over a month later I got an email telling me that it had shipped. :P Perhaps if the company are less than forthcoming with replacing the perfume you could mention your blog/facebook/twitter and the option of blogging about their poor service?