Tuesday, September 14, 2010

internet shopping

In running an internet based store I have some very clear ideas about the shopping experience that I want people to enjoy.  Because I do not get to meet people on a face to face basis and extend that warm fuzzy of personal service, I try my upmost to make sure people feel it in other ways. 

I know from experience that once you have purchased something over the internet you can't wait to receive it and each day you go to the mail box with anticipation that there will be something other than bills and the bank statement in there.

Also every one likes to get a little something else - the Book Depository sends a book mark, from others I have received a little chocolate or sweet.  Plus make it look appealing - sure the customer has paid for it but is doesn't take much to make it feel as though they are unwrapping a gift to themselves (because as a woman I know that is where my head is at).  Whatever it is this is my treat to me.

Recently I have had two very different experiences - I bought my first books via the Book Depository and received great service.  The books arrived promptly and were very well packaged and best of all there is free shipping to any where in the world.  One of the books I bought was Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls after reading about it on Jacqui's blog

Six weeks ago I was running out of my fragrance and decided to buy online through Fragrance X.  Delivery was targetted at 7 -10 days.  As of today I still do not have my fragrance.  I have received two surveys from the store asking me to rate their service and asking me whether I am enjoying my new fragrance.  I have emailled them 6 times asking after my fragrance.  I have asked them to organise re-delivery only to be told that I will have to wait, either until either the original delivery arrives or they have it returned to them.  When I asked NZ Post they have advised that it is up to the sender to initiate a trace and insurance claim at their end - yet they refuse to take action saying I will just have to be patient.  My patience has officially run out - I have been without my fragrance now for 3 weeks.  I accept that it may have gone missing in transit but as they say the true test of service is the "putting right".  I have asked for a refund (a week ago) but I am yet to here back, this is despite them advertising a money back guarantee.  In the meantime I have purchased my fragrance elsewhere - I am lucky to have the funds to do so. 

To Fragrance X, I am officially pissed off and this is my one woman protest about your service - you give internet shopping a bad name.

And to others like the Book Depository thanks for your great service.  


Jacqui said...

I'm so glad you had good service from the Book Depository! I know they're a big company and don't know me from Adam, but their service always seems slightly personal (love those bookmarks) and the little jokes and wry humour on their site is very endearing.

Thanks for the warning about Fragrance X - bad customer service deserves to be outed as loudly and to as many people as you can manage.

Little Miss Flossy said...

Phhht to Fragrance X, that's shocking service. If you ever decide to try online cosmetics again, Strawberrynet are great. I had a fragrance go missing last Christmas and they sent a replacement promptly. Then the original turned up another month later and they said just keep it. And the packages come tied with pretty ribbons on the outside!

PS Saw your ad in the KiaOra magazine... awesome!

clare's craftroom said...

So glad the bad service didn't come from the Book Depository I would have been so surprised , I think they're fantastic .
Sorry about your perfume experience , bad service sucks !

Phillipa said...

I know that your standard of service is top class. The fabrics I ordered from you arrived very promptly and I loved the way they were tied together...very attractive! Also the added little samples and business card. It does not take too much to make a customer happy, does it? I have recently been having a battle with another fabric supplier. I have purchased several lots of fabric over a period of time and all has gone well. Recently a small parcel did not arrive so I have been in contact with the seller several times via email and the replies have been friendly to start with but suddenly there was silence and I can not get a satisfactory conclusion to the saga. The only answer is that it is my problem as I chose to have the package sent by ordinary post! Certainally this is a person from whom I will not buy from again!

So thank you, Stitchbird for a wonderful service!

Stitchbird said...

Hi Phillipa thank you. I sympathise with your experience maybe your fabric and my perfume are hanging out together in the place of lost deliveries. I do believe in the old LV Martins ad "It's the putting right that counts!" I would much rather be a little out of pocket and have a happy customer than not. I think it is better value in the long run.