Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Sick with Worry

I am feeling kind of sick with worry.  Our wee boy cat, Harley has gone missing.  The last time we saw him was 3 pm today and he is one of those cats who is around and is always home for dinner. 

We have walked the neighbourhood calling him and looking in the gutters, in case he has been hit by a car, but there is no sign of him.  I am hoping that his friendly and nosey nature has got him into some place that he can't get out of - somebody's garage or shed.  He is well known and has many friends in the neighbourhood, including neighbours who feed him crayfish and salmon!  Fingers crossed that he shows up tonight or tomorrow,  because he is one very much loved puss.


Anonymous said...

i hope your boy has turned up - our tabby boy went missing a couple of years ago and someone from another part of the planet said don't give up - you never know and, he turned up 3 weeks later! thinking of you x

Lyndyloo said...

Thanks Louise, unfortunately we did not get the happy ending. We found Harley last night, he had been hit by a car and our last act of love was to have him put to sleep. Today is not a good day, we are all so heart broken he was an extra special cat and friend.