Monday, February 8, 2010

A Great Book and the Cats that Own Us

I would like to share with you a great book that I am reading at the moment called Cleo how an uppity cat helped heal a family. Written by Helen Brown, a New Zealand journalist, it is a true story of a cat that came into her family's life shortly after the death of her son.  I like Helen's slightly irreverent style of writing and I cannot recommend this book enough.

I am a cat person - I/we are owned by two cats Alley (aka Elvis, Alley Belly Ballerina) and Harley (aka H-man, Harlemesiter).  We were only ever meant to have one cat (says Alley) but a couple of years ago we fostered kittens for the SPCA.  We were going to be home over the Christmas, New Year holidays and the SPCA was desperate for foster families.  We were interviewed, had our house inspected and deemed worthy fosterers.  So three kittens came into our lives, all black and white and all from different litters.  A few days later the SPCA asked whether we could take one more - he was black and white - so of course we had to say yes.  We named him Harley because he roared around the place like a bikey on a Harley Davidson.

Now when we entered into the world of fostering I was very clear to my family that WE WERE NOT KEEPING ONE.  Well it was me that crumbled - I was sprung by family one day introducing Harley to Alley. 

So Harley joined our family..

The rest is history and we would not go back.  But for now I am banned from fostering for the SPCA.  Alley would not allow it.....  it might spoil her beauty sleep.

I would however highly recommend fostering, it was a great experience, but be aware you may end up with an extra cat or two and a new lived in look for your lounge suite/curtains.  It was all worth it.

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