Saturday, February 27, 2010


Missy Moo helps alot with the  markets that I do and has a little side line business, which I call Baby Bird. She makes hair ties using buttons that she covers with different fabrics.  Stitchbird Fabrics gets a lot of samples and she uses these, plus off cuts from sewing (both hers and mine) to cover the buttons.  Up until now Missy M has been selling these at markets, but she now has some shops who are buying her hair ties.  A few hours of today have been sitting and covering buttons.  My role is strictly as a staff member (or should I say indentured slave, as this is a no pay gig for me).  But it is a lovely activity to do, we sing (badly and loudly) to CDs and chat.

This is from todays labours...

Also one of the perks of working on the school fair craft stall is you can buy before the day.  At this week's meeting I snaffled up this beautiful tea cosy.  Jo has made several of these and egg warmers.  They are fantastic.

Have a lovely weekend and happy making!

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clare's craftroom said...

What a lovely way to spend time with your daughter , even if you sing badly it still would be better than how I sing , lol ! Really !