Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Fabrics and Quilt Top Finished

Yeah the Lizzy House Red Letter Day fabrics have finally arrived!  I am loving these - they are happy fabrics.  I wish I could have got more.  This is called Ugly Duckling but I think he/they are gorgeous.

In a record time (for me) I finished the Princess and the Pea quilt top.  The not overthinking things seems to have worked.  No procrastinating, no wondering about if, buts or maybes.

Do you want to see...

This photo is not the best, more ironing, better lighting and angle etc all would have helped but you get the picture!  Now I need to decide on backing fabric and binding etc.  Any suggestions?

Missy Moo very innocently asked who's it for?  I don't know I replied.  To which she said could she have it.  How many quilts does a 12 year old need?

It is nice to have something go well, because just recently I seem to have been plagued by computer problems which has a serious mood altering effects on me.  I have been ready to throw either myself or the computer out the window.  I have been grumpy.  Compterman (like Superman but more nerdy) came around today and he can make it all better again - Windows 7, more memory, more money.... sigh.

Also on a brighter note my sister and brother in law arrive in town today ready for the Martinborough Fair on Saturday.  I will be Market Assistant for Glitz Art Glass, my sister's art glass jewellery and Missy Moo is going to be the able Market Assistant to the Golden Bay Toy Boy aka my brother in law, who is a toy maker.  If you are in Martinborough come and say hello - we are in The Square.

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