Sunday, June 20, 2010

fabric a brac wrap

Thank you for all those that particpated in the auction for the Far Far Away Quilt Combo to raise funds for the Mary Potter Hospice.  Victoria of Jolly Caravan was the winner of the auction with a bid of $120.  This money will be added to the total money raised by Fabric a Brac for the Hospice.

What a great day!  If you weren't there, turn away now, do not look at the following photos, you will be jealous.

I had a quick 5 minute look around and bought a few lovelies.

Half a metre and large off cuts of soft vintage linen.

Fabrics by Leanne Culy and Jane Churchill

Trims, including several metres of the what looks like handmade lace.

Wlikinsons Sheffield dress making shears.  They are mighty big ones.

And this was in just a few minutes shopping with Mr S watching my stall (and also watching how much fabric I was trying to sneak home) and only $20.  Imagine if I had more time...


clare's craftroom said...

You can really do some damage with those huge shears ! I hope your dad is doing well .

Jacqui said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous, I'd love to go to something like that. That linen is gorgeous.

Melinda said...

I am a vivid shade of green! Those fabrics are just lovely, particularly the vintage linen.

Deb said...

Oh my you did so well!!