Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sewing - but not mine

I was good last week and managed to get at least an hours sewing in on 4 days, as part of my Sew 12, but this week I seem to be running around like a mad chook, with very little sense of accomplishment.

Some other people have been sewing though, look at these yummies from Carla.

Boys jacket made from Kokka Flight and a kid's bean bag.

 Also these gorgeous cushions from Echino Bird Song and Quiet Ground


Carla creates and sells the most lovely kids clothes (girls' pinafores and jackets) under the label Little Birdie Clothing, she uses a range of new and vintage fabrics.  She also makes fantastic jackets made from recycled woollen blankets.  You can check out her shop here.

I mean look at this jacket and the details, oh to have a little person who could still fit these clothes

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glitz said...

They're exquisite! I couldn't choose a favourite!