Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Did you know it is Sisters' Week?  This is a special time to celebrate that special relationship that you have with your sisters.

Lesley and Jane

I am blessed to have two of the best sisters in the world - Jane and Lesley.  When I need advice, someone to celebrate successes with or someone to share my woes, they are the two I call.

When I was growing up they did alot of the "mothering" of me, which I did not appreciate at the time (sorry).  They also had the dubious pleasure of sharing a bedroom with me when they were sophisticated and worldly wise teenagers and I was just a pesky younger sister, poking my nose into all their special and treasured things.  Oh they had the coolest things!  Oh how I covetted the little wooden house money box with the secret drawer, the Cindy doll, the make up...

When my babies were born my sisters were the ones who celebrated and supported me (along with the wonderful Mr S of course).

We don't live in the same place, but what we miss in physical closeness we more than make up for in emotional closeness.

Several years ago we started our Annual Sisters' Weekend.  This is our special time, once a year, when we get away for a long weekend together - to spend time, talk lots, laugh even more, eat, drink and pamper ourselves.  Every fortnight we each put $30 (what we would most probably spend on lunches and coffees together) into a joint bank account and we use this to pay for our weekend away.  Some years have been tough and we have not made it (a partner's terminal illness and major operations) but I think this makes me even more appreciative of what we have.

We are known amongst the nieces and nephews as the crazy aunties, I think because when we get together the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; we just fit; we talk loudly, laugh and enjoy ourselves.  I like this kind of crazy.

 Jane and Lesley, I love you dearly, thank you for being such great sisters.

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glitz said...

LOL...great photos, Lyndy! Chocolate martinis at La Lucciola in Bali...aaah!
But there's a sister missing in these photos ;).
We are just so blessed to have each other - my sisters my very best friends!