Tuesday, June 29, 2010

no blogging, no crafting, no happy

My life seems to be filled with all the office / admin cr*p. GST (aka BST bull sh*t tax) needed to be done, as well as other yawn inspiring office work.

Tomorrow I am promising myself at least one hours crafting time with no interruptions (may even take the phone off the hook). 

Over the weekend I was at the Knack market in Wellington and despite the horrible rainy weather outside it was great day inside at the market.  The market was held in the new venue, the school hall at South Wellington Intermediate which was light and airy.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I bought one of Ellie of  Cactus Flower's beautiful pincushions, which I have been covetting for a while now.

Ellie was worried that the bunting maybe a bit over the top, but I love it.

But I think I need to steal a matchbox toy from some unsuspecting child to tow my caravan.


imba said...

I hear ya with the GST bizzo - am in the same boat. MYOB - Boo! I hate!
BUT I am loving the fabrics I got from you at Knack. Esp the plain linen - so many possibilities and so lovely to work with. I want more!

Jacqui said...

Oooo, when you start contemplating stealing toys from children to complete your crafty look then you're on the slippery slope ;) Such an adorable pincushion though, and the bunting is just right. A blue car would set it off nicely.

Jodie said...

No craft is definately no happy !

Hope you steal some time today!