Friday, June 4, 2010

Simple Sewing for Baby

I have been asked what I think of this book by Lotta Jansdotter, so  thought I would share with everyone.  My first impressions were good, the photos and styling are great and I love some of the ideas, but when someone asks is it worth while buying, I took a step back and reassessed it.

It is called Simple Sewing for Baby 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers, and yes that is right, the 24 projects are easy, this book is aimed at the beginner.  The book contains patterns and instructions for:

Clothes: bloomers, a bib kerchief, a simple pinafore dress (with an optional pocket and little stuffie to go inside), hat and scarf, a bib, simple pants, how to stencil on tees and a baby hat

Softies: a giraffe soft rattle,  a big softie buddy, a squishy soft toy book ends

There is also a tag blankie, nursing pillow, very simple play quilt, towel hoodie, a snuggler (think swaddling wrap) etc.

The patterns and some stencil templates are included in a wallet in the front and the good thing about them is each pattern has its own pattern page, so you don't have to try and decipher whether you are following the right line when tracing your pattern amongst a jumble of patterns.

To be honest there is nothing that new or that you couldn't find in an on line tutorial, if you know how. 

The value would be for someone who is new to parenting and sewing and needs a bit of extra guidance or inspiration.  Having said that most of the instructions are text with only a few illustrations and sometimes there is an assumption that people know how to do certain things!

My recommendation would to be to borrow it from the library, ooh and aah over the lovely photos and make the items you are keen on; or buy it for a friend who is a new parent and who is keen to start sewing, it woud make a lovely gift and a great starting point as it has some very easy and lovely patterns.

Just to let you know I plan on making the hat and scarf set and the giraffe baby rattle.

Also did you know that The Book Depository offers free shipping world wide.  Jacqui from Hazelnuts blogged about it here, which is likely to lead to some reckless book buying in our house!


Jacqui said...

Um yes, sorry about that Book Depository thing! :) I'm going to do a review of the Martha Stewart book I got from there that's going to sound suspiciously similar to your review here. It's nice to have everything together in a book you can sit on the couch with, but there's not much in there you couldn't get for free (or cheaper) online. Speaking of which, that hat looks identical to the Chez Beeper Bebe 'Bat Baby' pattern (also free!)

Little Miss Flossy said...

Thanks for that... and LOL about the Book Depository, that's exactly how I found myself with the Anna Maria Horner book. Well, two of them actually but that's another story. Maybe if I offer them to my library, they'll get the Lotta book for me?

Jen said...

Hi! I came across your blog when searching for a possible pattern for the hat and scarf you have pictured.
I purchased this book and the hat-scarf pattern was not with the other patterns! Does your copy have it? Very annoying as I just purchased fabric for the set today.
I did, however, make the rattle you also have pictured. Very easy and fun : ). I was able to find some rattles on Etsy.
Let me know if you have the hat-scarf pattern. I would really like to make it for my nephew!
Thank you,
Jen Eiler

Jen said...

OH!! My sister just showed me that it's on the next page!
My bad! :)

Stitchbird said...

Phew I am glad you found it!