Sunday, August 21, 2011

fraulein roth (aka Little Red) is in the house

When I received my shipment of ribbons recently 2 of the ribbons that I ordered were missing from the shipment.  Oh La La (in German if I knew any!)

Had Fraulein Roth escaped the box?

Had she been kidnapped by a hard up delivery person trying to make a little extra on the side?

Had the wolf that travelled with her been denied entry into New Zealand because of his criminal past?

Luckily Fraulein Roth has since made the journey successfully and joins the other ribbons in the shop.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

colour happy

The sun shone today.

This photo was taken late in the day, after Fabric a Brac - so may not be the best.  My kid's have nicknamed this the Funky Baby Quilt because of the colours.  Apparently it is only suitable for a funky baby with 'tude!

A close-up.

I decided on a very simple block pattern as that was all my brain could handle this week; plus I wanted a bit of instant gratification, something I could start and finish in one sitting.  The finished block size is 6 inches.  Interesting fact - you can get nine 6.5 inch squares out of one metric fat quarter (as long as you don't screw any up and cut them 5.5 inches ).  As a more recent quilter this is the kind of infomation I need to know.

I am considering quilting it myself - most probably straight lines - but.... I could chicken out.  So maybe I am still not a quilter, but only a topper?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Fabric a Brac

Fabric a Brac is back this Saturday in Palmerston North.

Fingers crossed that the weather holds off - please no more snow - we just aren't used to it!

If you live in the Manawatu it would be lovely to see you and please say hi as it is nice to put faces to names!

Plus thank you for all the good advice that having two quilts on the go is OK.  I knew I could rely on you to give good advice.

The quilt top is finished, but I am waiting for some decent light to take a photo and then I will share.

I will finish this post with a photo of snow coming down at our place.  Apparently this was a once in 50 years storm.

It didn't settle enough for a snowman  but there was enough for a snow ball fight

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it wrong to have more than one quilt on the go?

Do I really have to finish one before starting another?  The Swedish Forest fabric has arrived and I have been playing with fabric combos.  I am liking this set...

1. Swedish Forest 2. Starburst Strawberry
3.  Starburst Pool  4.  Woodland Friends
5.  Tree Stripe  6. Woodland Chain Pool

but think I will also add a little bit of this

I have also had a reorganise of the organic fabrics in the store and they can all now be found under Organic Cottons.

Friday, August 12, 2011

sshhhh... don't tell it's a pressie

a little zippered pouch for important wee things like coffee cards etc and a fabric covered notebook. 

The notebook was made using the tutorial over on Clare's blog.  

I used lite steam a seam for the notebook which was great to use, because it is slightly tacky so I could stick it on, readjust and then iron it (you will understand if you read the tutorial).  A note though - making these may become addictive!

I will be making more of these, but next time I think I will add 2 cm or even 2.5 cms as my notebook was a bit bigger and I felt it could do with a little more fold over. 

The fabric is Heather Ross's Roses from the Far Far Away 2 range.

P.S. if you need a tutorial for making zippered pouches Lisa has a good one over on her blog Big Little.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bunting Cards

I am a bit loath to call this a tutorial - it is more this is how I do it - for those who are interested.

These cards are a great way to use up all those tiny bits of fabric.  I have a shopping bag full along side my sewing table and all the little trim bits which are too small for most things get popped in the bag.  I then rummage through when I am looking for that little something for the inside of a bear's ear, applique or these cards.

For those poor people who don't have a stash of fabric (and I know there are a few out there) - don't worry I also have a paper alternative.

OK so here goes

I cut my pieces of fabric into small strips approximately 3/4's of an inch by 2 inches (or 2.5 cm by 3.75 cms).  Don't worry about being exact, it doesn't matter.

I cut a piece of baker's twine twice the width of the card (you can do longer if you like, I will talk about this later).

Using a glue stick, put glue on the back of a fabric piece and then fold it over the baker's twine about 1/3rd of the way in from the end sticking the wrong sides of the fabric together.  Repeat with each piece of fabric placing them on your baker's twine next to the last piece working towards the other end.  You can reposition the pieces to where you like them while the glue is still tacky.

Now you can decide to leave your bunting rectangular in shape or you can take your scissors and make them into triangular shape - or even mix them up a bit.  Just be careful not to cut into your baker's twine if you are cutting.

Now take your blank card and make a small cut using a crafting knife just in from each side at a level that you would like your bunting to hang. 

Poke the baker's twine through the holes from the front to back on either side - I have used toothpicks, bamboo skewers, even a quick unpick to do this - just whatever you have handy and works for you.

Position the bunting so it is hanging the way you want it and tie the baker's twine at either side with a double knot.  You can either decide to leave your card like that or you can snip the end of bakers twine and add another colour (or same colour)  by threading it behind the other baker's twine and tie it in a bow to finish it off.

Alternatively you can use a longer piece of baker's twine and tie the ends together on the inside of the card after threading it through the holes you made in the card.

You can get a number of differnt looks depending on the fabric and card you use and how you cut your bunting.

Paper Version

In the paper version I used an old children's book and cut strips of paper and repeated the same process, BUT with the paper version I folded my paper and cut my triangular shape before sticking it onto the baker's twine.

Now before anybody tells me off for cutting up books I bought the book from the op-shop for $1 and the spine was broken - perfect for craft.

If you would like to give it a go there is bakers' twine in the store in a range of colours.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

waiting for new fabric is like waiting for Christmas

Well it is for me.  I have so much new fabric arriving in the next few weeks I can hardly contain myself.  I just love fabric.

There are some lovely organic fabrics from Monaluna on there way...

Swedish Forest


Fabrics from Daiwabo

I have also ordered a number of Japanese woven taupe fabrics which are amazing.

Plus lots and lots of new fabrics from Kokka and Echino......

Not long to go now.

Monday, August 8, 2011

3 little buttons

that make me very happy - they were the finishing touches on this button back cushion made for a customer.

along with a light shade

Fabric is Robert Kaufman Paris Scene by Monaluna

Sunday, August 7, 2011

And the winners are... plus another giveaway

Thank you for entering the giveaway for the ribbons.  The winners were drawn under close police supervision (yeah right) and are:

Peach Rainbow - Retro Daisies on Blue
Robin - Woodland Forest Friends
Make-do Mum - Schnickipu - I am having trouble contacting you please email me, thank you.
Greta @ topography - Love Chirp
Gill - Me and My Friends

I think it is amazing that you all chose different ribbons.

The other giveaway is not mine, but one that is being hosted over at my sister's blog.  Lesley is an amazing glass artist and she is giving away a pair of her beautiful rose earrings.  You may want to go on over and check it out.  Lesley makes the glass roses and puts them with swarovski crystals and sterling silver.  Divine!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ribbons, but not just any ribbons... PLUS a wee ribbon giveaway

Gorgeous woven ribbons arrived today and are in store here.  They are perfect for putting that finishing touch on your project.

Me and My Friends is by Susa Labim and I can't believe I did not know about her work before now - it is amazing - you can check out more of her work here

There are more ribbon styles in store.

If you would like to receive a metre of ribbon of your choice - please check out the ribbons in store now, tell me your favourite design and I will send a metre of ribbon to 5 readers (and of course your favourite one).  I will most probably do the draw at the end of the weekend. Make sure I have a way of contacting you!   Enjoy.

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