Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to Welly and Back to Work

Well we are back home and there has been no rest here, straight back into work, Stitchbird work and HR work. Plus it is the school holidays here and there is a certain expectation from my kids for fun and entertainment, which ususally involves me spending money!  Thankfully the weather has been good and there has been a lot of swimming at the beach and wharf jumping - low budget, high value.

The sales trip went very well and I met some lovely people who make beautiful things. 

I would like to share with you some photos that I took at es design this week.  Eleanor was one of my first customers and she has made some wonderful cushions using the Kokka and Echino fabrics.

 These cushions have a beautiful hot pink backing and piping.  And another

They have seriously cool stuff in their store, which is in Marion Street for those of you who haven't visited already.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Escaping and Looking for the Sun

Tomorrow we are heading off in search of some sun, sand and relaxation.  Wellington's weather has improved over the last couple of days, but prior to that it has been grey, wet and windy.  So off we go in search of sun.  It is also an opprtunity to meet up with a few retailers to hopefully sell some fabric wholesale.  Fingers crossed.

In a previous post I mentioned buying a needle felting book and because I can't take my sewing machine on holiday I packed a little bit of wool and a needle felting needle and spent a little bit of time playing.  It was great as I could sit in my sister's studio as she made her beads and I stabbed at wool.

Two wee guys emerged.  The penguin is a gift for a penguin lover.  The mouse has a slighlty gammy leg, but his friend the penguin doesn't mind.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year and Favourite Fabrics of 2009

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry I did not get to post before we went away but with the madness of packing and Christmas preparations I ran out of time.  We had a great holiday in the South Island but unfortunately there was not much sun.  More about that in another post.

What I wanted to tell you about is a great giveaway at True Up.  For those of you that do not know about it True Up is a great blog about all things fabric.  To be in the giveaway you need to prepare your list of your 10 favourite fabrics of 2010 (there are a number of different categories) and link it back to True Up.  An opportunity to talk about fabrics and the chance to win something!  What could be better.

So here is my list for 2009 -

Favourite Quilting Weight Cotton Collection

Well that would have to be either the Saffron Craig or Heather Ross Far Far Away fabrics both are gorgeous. 

 Favourite Trends (Colours)
I love the way designers are breaking away from traditional colour combinations and putting colours together differently, for example Saffron Craig has put pink and red and yellow and red together in her Dandelion fabrics.  I also love that there is more orange out there it is such a happy colour.

 Biggest Fabric World Story/News
That would have to be that the Far Far Away range of fabric is Heather Ross's last.  I felt I had only just got to know about her great designs (we tend to get fabrics in New Zealand after the rest of the world), only to find out there will be no more boo hoo.

Favourite Overall Designer
This is a toughy there are so many great designers out there to choose from.  I love Etsuko Furuya for her funky bold designs and I also love Heather Bailey - her new Nicey Jane range is great.  (Am I allowed 2?).

Favourite New Designer
I love Lizzy House's Red Letter Day  designs.  Again she may not be so new overseas but she is here.  I am pleased that I have been able to source some of her fabric for my shop! (Watch this space).

Favourite Novelty Print
Hard decisions!  How can I narrow it down to just one.
One of my favourite in 2009 (but may have been 2008 elsewahere) was Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo.  I bought this overseas and wish that it had been available here.  The unavailability of some great fabrics did lead me to start importing fabrics to NZ though, so maybe it was a sign!

Here it is in a quilt I made for my new nephew:

 Favourite Print from Japan
The new Etsuko Furuya Bird Song - I am head over heels for this fabric.  This fabric should be in NZ In February.

Favourite Juvenille Print Boys
The zoo print from Kokka.  The images are beautiful.  This could be for either girls or boys.

Favourite Juvenille Print Girls
I think the Farm Girl is so sweet.
Favourite Solid/Non Printed
I love the Kona cottons.  Does anyone know where we can get from here in New Zealand?  I may have to investigate further...

Favourite Fabric Shop
Stitchbird Fabrics of course!

Thanks True Up for an awesome fabric blog and the opportunity to win some more fabric.  There is never enough fabric!!