Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Holidays

We are enjoying a relaxing and wine filled holidays with family in Christchurch. (I will be booking in for detox when I get home).

Today we visited Akaroa.  I have memories of school camps at Akaroa and playing pranks on each other - including shining torches into tents to attract moths into them and then zipping up the tent fly.  Cruel - but we were teenagers.

The locals were out in force, keeping an eye to make sure we did not get up to any mischief this time.

They say Wellington is windy - but I would just like to say we have had a fair share of wind in Akaroa and Christchurch.  Hope everyone else is having a great holiday season and if you are working I hope it is not too arduous.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Welcome to our New Store at 25 Kilbirnie Plaza (just a 20 second walk from our old shop)

With a lot of help from Mr S (husband of the year), Midget and (the not so Midget) Son, plus sewing friends Anne, Adrianne and Vicki, we are all moved and sort of settled into our new shop.  Rather than Tuesday Stack I thought I would share some photos of some of the space.  And there is lots of space - if I was still of cartwheel age and ability, I could do cartwheels in the shop.  (While I am posting this at home I realise I have not included any photos of the front of the shop - I think it is a symptom of the sleep deprivation that has been happening here).

There are still messy bits!

Part of the new classroom/workroom space - still needing a wee tidy up!

Beautiful flowers from one of our lovely customers, thank you Terry.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Scotties

Got to love these scotties.

I particularly like the one wearing the wee jumper with a snow flake on it.  It reminds me of the scene in Bridget Jones' Diary when Colin Firth wears the hideous reindeer jumper.

The fabrics from top to bottom are:

Sketch Dot - Red by Timeless Treasures
Dove in Black an organic cotton by Copenhagen Print Factory
Bespoke Scotties from Michael Miller
Copenhagen Mini Flower in Red by the Copenhagen Print Factory
Scottie Toss by Michael Miller
Swim Team Fish by Dinara Mirtalipova
Astrid Blix Aqua by Erin McMorris

and I will leave you with Colin Firth...preferred him as Mr Darcy, but he is still cute in his Christmas jumper.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Cotton and Steel Has Arrived

At last it is here....Cotton and Steel.  Plus I added another just for the fun of it.

From the top:

Love Letters from Moda
Moonlit Tangram by Rashida Coleman
Netorious Orange from Cotton and Steel
August Hide and Seek by Sarah Watts
Mustang Star Mustard by Melody Miller
August Monarch by Sarah Watts

If you wish to have a look at the other Cotton and Steel fabric I have set up a new collection in store for the Cotton and Steel fabric.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Only Different Materials

This is the stack of material for this week - a pile of old gib board.  The demo work has begun in the new shop that we will be moving into in November.  It is a 30 second (if that) walk from where we are now and is over double the size of our existing shop space - so that will mean a good excuse to buy more fabric and an opportunity to have our own classroom/workroom space.

From having three separate rooms there is now one large open space.

So instead of sewing I have been talking with builders and electricians and though Clyde and Nick are lovely, I think I prefer sewing....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Stack - a Wing and a Feather

The craziness of the school holidays and WOW has come to an end and normal Tuesday stacking has resumed.  Whilst I love the excitement of new things I must admit to enjoying the regular routines, I find them less tiring and a little comforting (I am sounding like an old fuddy duddy).

This week's stack was inspired by the new Sakura Origami Cranes fabric and the feathers (which I love).

From the top:

Little Monsters Zig Zag from Makower
Kona Zucchini
Moon Shine Dear Me from Ms Tula Pink
Technicolor Navy Leaf by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller
Feathers Olive
Sakura Origami Cranes from Makower
Paint Staggered Stripe Coral from Carrie Bloomston

I hope you are having a good week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Stack is on Holiday

and Tuesday Spread is on!  Midget and I are home alone and this was our idea of the perfect night in. Followed by Kapiti ice creams.  You will just have to imagine how wonderful they were because there are no photos.  I hope your Tuesday was as good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Softly

One of the biggest quilting dilemmas for baby quilts seems to be what to do when you do not whether the baby is going to a boy or girl.  I have called this stack Softly because I can see it being made for a newborn baby - boy or girl.  The colours are soft and lower volume.

Beautiful Floral Blue from Riley Blake
Littlest Heartfelt Snow from Art Gallery Fabrics
Littlest Tenderness Grey from Art Gallery Fabrics
Littlest Furry Tales Minty from Art Gallery Fabrics
Honey Meadow Bees from Lewis and Irene

Soft Toy Pattern is Love Somebunny from Ric Rac and she just wanted to be in on the photo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Skulls, Pink and Grey - It Must be Good

I have a friend who love anything with skulls on it, as well as pink and grey.  So this one is for you, I had to add a little bit of lime green as well, but it is Tula so that should be ok.

Cool Girl Dots by Greta Lynn for Kanvas
Pink Sugar Skulls by Dan Morris 
Rhino Pink from Echino
Mini Calaveras Black from Alexander Henry
Heath Pink/Hot Pink by Alexander Henry
Mori - Steel an extra wide fabric from Stof

Hope everyone is enjoying their sewing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Far Far Away

I love Heather Ross fabric designs and when Far Far Away 1 was re-released (with some changes) by Windham fabrics I was excited.  This weeks Tuesday stack is based around this range.  I have added a few other prints and plains that I think play well with these fabrics.  Sorry I put two Unicorns in the stack, I could not help myself.

Far Far Away Frog Prince by Heather Ross
Lottie Da Butterfly Orchid by Heather Bailey
Paint Swatch by Carrie Bloomston
Posh Paisley Orchid from Michael Miller

I am thinking about doing another Far Far Away based quilt. I made this one a few years back:

And it ended up on the cover of this magazine:

The quilt is now in Dubai with a lovely girl.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

POp pOP POp - popping in Cuba Street at S'Wonderful

Ginny and Frances at S'Wonderful invited us to come over to their shop in Cuba Street for a pop-up shop within their shop.  Sort of like a play date for retail friends. 

So over the next few weeks you will find some Stitchbird goodies in town at S'Wonderful.  We love all the lovelies at S'Wonderful and often find we have the same taste in fabrics.  For those of you who do not know, S'Wonderful creates beautiful vintage inspired clothing and as well as their physical store they sell on line here (if you want to check it all out) but if you buy don't blame me!   

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday Stack (but it is really Wednesday) - Glow Spring Stack

I wish I was superwoman who could pack everything into the allotted time but it does not always happen.  My yesterday was hijacked with my son's motor scooter being stolen, damaged and dumped.    As a result of that and other life things the Tuesday Stack is appearing on Wednesday (I don't think I can even say it is still Tuesday somewhere in the world).

Have I told you that I like a little yellow and pink together?  I think it looks fresh and fun and a little bit like spring in the garden (minus the weeds).

So from top to bottom:

Pretty Potent Family Unit by Anna Maria Horner (this also looks fantastic as a binding)
Nature Walk Magenta from Sarah Jane Studios
Guinea Flower by Kaffe Fassett
Quarter Moon part of Amy Butler's new Glow range
Geo Wave part of Amy Butler's Glow Range
Peace Flower again part of Amy Butler's Glow range 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Plus 3 Quilt for Mr S

A wee while back Mr S said in a very sad voice that everyone had a quilt except him.  He put together a selection of fabrics and I added a few more and over Anzac weekend I pieced his quilt.  Well finally it is finished.

Mr S and I are originally from Christchurch in Canterbury and red and black are Canterbury's colours.

I used Jeni Baker from In Colour Order's Arithmetic Quilt Pattern.  This quilt is quite big 64 inches by 84 inches.

I thought I would take a photo of the quilt on the outdoor table, but there is a photo bomber in our house.  Ally followed us all outside and thought she would lend her helpful paw.  

I have named this quilt Plus 3, because me and our two children are Mr S's plus 3.  I popped three little pieces of red fabric in the binding to represent each of us.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tootin' our Own Horn - Top Shop Finalist

An extra special package arrived in the mail today:

Inside the box:

Yep we have been selected as a finalist in the Home and Style category for the Wellington region's Top Shop retail awards.

I said to Diane that the mystery shopper must have come in while she was working, she said no, it must have been when I was in the shop.  Mr S immediately said they must have come in on a Saturday when he was working.  He is such a bloke!

These Whittaker' chocolate (my favourites)  also came in the box, they remain unopened - but not for long.

We will not find out who the winner is until 8 October.  I gather judging is based on another mystery shopper experience.  Let's hope they come in on a Saturday again :)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Stack - It's Tilda

Yep the Tilda fabrics are here and I just had to use them in a stack:

I love the softness of the colours:

Annali Dark Grey Dashes from Dashwood Studios
Porcelaine Cup Blue from Tilda
Mini Star Red from Tilda
Stine Grey Green from Tilda
Laura Blue Greyfrom Tilda

We are also stocking some of the Tilda kits and charm packs.  You can find them here.  Love these so there will be more!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday Sewing - A Quilt Top Finished

Yesterday I had the ultimate treat - a whole day sewing with friends, with a "small break" for a gorgeous lunch at Scopa as part of Wellington on a Plate.  My lunch was divine and the company was great.

I got most of this quilt top finished and just had a bit to do when I got home in the late afternoon. 

Midget (the owner of the feet and the hoodie) has claimed dibs on this quilt (even though she already has one).

The pattern comes from this book, Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe:  

All the fabrics in the quilts are from my stash, including my scrap bag, apart from the Kona White.  I had a bit of a mid quilt break with this one as the instructions say you only need x number of fabrics, but to get the scrappy look like the quilt in the book you do need a greater number of fabrics.  Hence I now have a lot of left over hst blocks.  I love how this quilt came out and I love the look of half square triangles, but I do not like squaring them up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Flock of Birds

This week's stack was put together by Diane.

The fabrics from top to bottom are:

Dove in Black from the Copenhagen Print Factory.  An organic cotton.
Flock of Birds from Kokka
Heath Black from Alexander Henry in decor weight or quilting weight 

On top are two new felt colours Rose Petal and Shocking Pink.  The ric rac is Mega Ric Rac White.

The Flock of Birds fabric is simply stunning.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Playing with Fabric - Summer Nights Lights Cushion

Diane (who works with me at Stitchbird) and I did a small combined project.  When we saw this fabric it just had to be done.  I did the quilting and Diane added the yo-yos (using the Clover Yo-Yo Makers, they come in a number of sizes) .

The finished project a cushion, with a gorgeous wool backing.  It is now in the shop.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Fresh and New

Be still my heart!  We have had a number of new fabrics arrive in store yesterday and I am in love with them.  This weeks stack features fabrics from a new manufacturer Dashwood Studios, established in 2013 and based in the UK they have a fresh and modern design aesthetic.  The fabrics themselves have a beautiful hand and drape.  They are just scrummy.  

In this week's stack I have also inserted fabrics from a couple of other designer/manufacturers as well.

So from the top:

Cats from Dashwood Studios
Annali Dark Grey Dashes by Stephanie Thannhauser for Dashwood Studios
Petite Fleur Citron by Carolyn Gavin from Windham fabrics (an organic cotton)
Petite Street Flower by Wendy Kendall for Dashwood Studios
Flurry Pink by Dashwood Studios
Petite Street Clouds by Wendy Kandall for Dashwood Studios
Town and Country by Sally Ablett for Lewis and Irene (another UK based company)

And just because I can here is a bigger picture of the cats...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Cup of Tea?

This week's Tuesday stack:

Sphere Dots by Moda
Flower Sugar Apples from Lecien

I have brought some of these home to play with.  

Time for a cup of tea now...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

From our Garden - Survival of the Fittest

Our garden is a wonderful proof of survival of the fittest.  Unfortunately at this time of year the fittest seem to be the weeds.  My question is how come when everything else struggles to survive the winter, the weeds grow rampantly?  And why didn't the gardening gurus decide that weeds were really wonderful and should be cultivated - bastards!

These are a few of the survivors:  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Stack - Wee Wander

I love the whimsy of the Wee Wander collection by Sarah Jane and the Summer Night Lights was the inspiration for this stack.

The stack includes:

Plaid Lilac by Denyse Schmidt
Pretty Potent Primrose by Anna Maria Horner
Posh Paisley Orchid by Michael Miller
Summer Nights Lights by Sarah Jane

Summer Nights Lights is a double border fabric which means that these images seen below are on both selvedges.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Stack - It's All Horseplay

I am a bit of a Heather Ross fan and this week's stack is based around her Horseplay fabric.

From top to bottom:

Pebble Lines Mustard from Melimba and Kokka
Garden Triangles Green by Ellen Luckett Baker
EBKS Tiny Flowers Orange from Yuko Hasegawa (EBKS stands for everything but the kitchen sink)
Horseplay Natural from Heather Ross
Copenhagen Cross Grey from The Copenhagen Print Factory 
EBKS Leaves from Yuko Hasegawa 
Flower Garden Blue from Melimba and Kokka
Garden Square Green by Ellen Luckett Baker

I couldn't help myself I brought some of these home tonight to play with - ssshhh don't tell as I only have a zillion projects on the go.