Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wellington - my town

I loved this and thought I would share.  But is did create a dilemma - what is my home town?  Is it where I live now or where I grew up - Christchurch?  Can I claim both, I certainly feel linked and emotionally attached to both.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Week My Baby Left

Midget (who has just turned 15) left on Thursday for three months in Cambodia.  

Up until about two weeks before she left I was in denial - I did not want to think about my baby going out into the big wide world without me or her Dad by her side.  Midget will be attending school while she is in Cambodia.  It is an amazing opportunity and I would not dream of holding her back from the experience, but the selfish part of me just wants to hold her close always.  This in many ways is the first big step for her in being an independent person. 

To the person who said to me it is a bit like when they start creche - "you are emotional when you leave them but then you are alright" - I would like to say - No, it isn't like that at all - and when I left my kids for the first time at creche I lost my vision and had a huge migraine.  

I am an emotional person and so is Midget.  We cry. So on Thursday (and several days before) we were awash with tears.

Now I can still feel tears very close by and I am sure I will continue to do so the whole time she is away.

But I can also be strong.  To Midget (because I know you will read this) you are an amazing daughter, but most of all you are an amazing person.  You are a good friend, kind and gracious.  You are self motivated and incredibly talented in so many areas, but humble - you are the last one to want to be in the lime light.  You can be opinionated and strong willed and competitive, but would never put any one else down.  You feel things deeply and whilst you may not show it can be hurt easily.  You are also give the best hugs!  And you are strong too - enjoy every moment you are away - and remember we are here cheering you on!

And right now I am looking forward to October when my sister and I will be going over to Cambodia to meet up with my baby and bring her home.