Monday, January 28, 2019

Hula Hoops - Repurposed to Floral Hoops / Wreaths

Ok so I dropped off the blogging wagon big time.  But part of my New Year resolutions is to try and do more blog posts.  I am also on Instagram which is my quick on line fix - photos with very little text and if you want to you can follow me there my name is @Stitchbirdnz, I tend to post more because it is instantaneous and when your time challenged it is a quick fix.

One of my love hate relationships is the shop window.  How do I make things pretty and attractive to lure people into the shop.  Sometimes the ideas are just there, but others can be a struggle.  The first window of the year is decorated hoops.

These were made from repurposed Hula Hoops and embroidery hoops.  I wrapped the hoops with batting off cuts, then linen, added some handmade fabric flowers, faux leaves and pom poms.  A little bit time consuming, but lots of fun.