Friday, December 16, 2011

Spot the oops in the bunting

This is what happens when you have no time and your in a hurry and you decide to whip up a little something else.  Now if I was a perfectionist or it was for a gift I would unpick it.  But is isn't so I won't :)

And a close up (not including the woopsie).

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

they have all been posted and should have been received by now

The Christmas decorations which I made as part of the Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap.

Meet Santa's helpers.

But which one is Rudolph?  Nobody nose!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Holiday Closure and Delivery of Orders

After much agonising I have decided to close Stitchbird Fabrics for a Christmas and summer holiday break.  Last year when we went on holiday my lovely friend Margaret, looked after all your orders and fed our cat and generally was a great friend.

Margaret has moved to the Far North and we miss here a lot.  Added to that we have planned a major holiday this year.  It is Jack's last year at school next year and we figure that there are only so many family holidays left before he wants to do his own thing with friends or a partner.  (Please note I am still a little bit disbelieving that my "wee" (6 foot 3) baby is almost an adult).

So I will be processing and sending orders until the 18th of December.  So if you would like to place an order for some holiday sewing I will need to receive your order on the 18th of December at the latest.  Any orders received after that date will be processed and sent when we return on the 13th of January. 

So where are we off to?  Well for me it is one of those bucket list trips - I have always wanted to spend  Christmas and New Year in New York and that is where we are going.  I want to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre and see in the New Year in Times Square.  We are also spending some time in San Francisco and LA. 

Now if any of you have any recommendations on things to do or see, shops to visit or places to eat I would be most grateful for any information. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lego Bags

These drawstring bags are a quick and easy gift to make for Christmas or a birthday.  For the under threes you could always use Duplo instead of lego. 

I have used the Play Blocks fabric but if you wanted you could always change the fabric and pop in a little notebook and crayons or a Polly Pocket.  They are great activity bags for taking a few things when you are going out to a cafe or doctor's appointment and your children could decide what goes in.

I have been making these to sell at markets - but as always I find the pricing difficult.  How do others work this out? Any suggestions.

Also I haven't really done a tutorial before but am happy to do one if there is any interest.  Let me know.  I will try my best.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Fabrics

I am not a big fan of Christmas fabrics generally, but when I saw these ones I just had to have them.  I have popped some aside for myself and although they only arrived last week there is very little left.  If you would like some be quick! 

                               1.Jovial Spots Cream                                   2. Nordic Fur                                         3. Isabelle Stripe

Friday, November 18, 2011

vote for an 8 day week...

Do you think we could just slip an extra day into the week? 
A secret day that nobody else knows about, that you can do whatever you want on. 
And of course on this day there would be no need to do the laundry, make beds, go to the supermarket or cook.

Sounds entirely reasonable to me - a necessity really!

The lack of blogging is just a reflection of my life at the moment - a bit chaotic and not enough time.  The end of the year is racing up and my eldest is in the midst of his exams - I swear I am more anxious about it all than he is.

Georgiana and Simon playing in the garden (shame they can't pull weeds)

There has been some crafting going on as well, more bears and lots of reversible headbands for markets.  Also in a collaboration with Mr 16 to sell some of his Lego I have made drawstring Lego bags (there are no photos tonight but I will try and sneak a photo tomorrow).

Friday night sees our car turn into The Tardis as we try to put everything we need for the market into it.

Hope you are all having a great week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

playing with paper

making more cards....

this one with a little Halloween theme going on.  Can you tell I love Richard Scarry?

 Including Christmas cards and tags - yikes it is only next month!  Blank shipping tags are available for sale in the shop - if you want to make your own.

 and a photo of Midget's paper play - a lot more complex than mine - a year 9 art project....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lace preserves

With Monday being a holiday I have had some time for playing, including playing with some Kool Aid.

The laces came out with varying results.  I think next time I will use a little white vinegar as a mordant (there was none in the house and I did not want to go to the supermarket, very lazy I know but I hate the supermarket!)

P.S.  Off to play netball, hoping my bottom is all ok after last week's pain in the arse.

P.P.S. Go the Silver Ferns!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Frida is in the House!

Love Love Love Frida Kahlo and I love this fabric Viva Frida which is now in store.

I have a skirt in this fabric and I will make sure I take a photo next time I am wearing it.

Frida rocks!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiwi Christmas Decoration Swap

I am signed up are you?  There is still time to get involved the final date for sign ups is 1st November and you can do so here over on Dione of Sew Funky's blog.
This will be my third year in this swap and it is a lovely way to connect with fellow crafters and also to receive some beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations.  In previous years I have made little houses, tuis and angels. 

I am looking around for some inspiration for this year's swap.

One favourite magazine is Marie Claire Idees which has some lovely eye candy...

So many choices!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just put my but in a sling

What do me and Dan Carter (another elite sports person) have in common? 

We have both been struck down by injury.  For Dan it was a groin strain playing rugby for me a strain of the gluteus maximus while playing netball.  I would have thought that having the maximum sized gluteus I would have been in good shape, but apparently not.

You will be grateful that I am not sharing a photo of said bottom injury.  But I will share one of Dan...OUCH!

Thanks Jockey for the photo ;)

Friday, October 7, 2011

technology breakdown - just call me Nigel

Today has been a reminder of how much we rely on technology - computers and emails. 

There have been some changes to the server that Stitchbird Fabrics uses that has had an unintended effect on my email.  So if you have tried to email me either yesterday or today - my apologies.  I have only just become aware of the problem and it is being rectified.  If you have placed an order - yes I have a record of that.

It is amazing how out of touch you feel with no email - it is like suddenly being Nigel no friends. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fabric spotting and a great tutorial

From not sewing at all just over 12 months ago Megan at Mousehouse is now a very capable sewist.  Not only that, she remembers what it was like when you were starting out and she has started putting together some tutorials and blog posts for those who are taking their first steps on the creative path.  And when you are starting out you need a good pin cushion and needle case and Megan has provided a tutorial for these here.

And I love her choice of fabrics  - above is The Sewing Box teamed with Little Red ribbon and below Vintage Threads.

To the people who say "I wish I could could sew", I say "you can".  Start with a project, like this, which will give you a quick result.  Don't worry about trying to achieve perfection, just do it and the more you do the better you will get.  

Thanks Megan for providing the tutorial and I am looking forward to the next instalment.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

getting ready

I have been doing Markets on both Saturdays and Sundays recently at the Wellington market.

I am supposedly meant to take a day or two "off" during the week.  But when you work for yourself that does not necessarily happen.  By about Thursday night I am thinking about getting ready for the weekend.

The things I love about doing the markets are the really great people you get to meet - both fellow stall holders and customers. 

Some of my market buddies include Michelle and Nick from Whirlwind Designs, who make a whole range of items and amogst them the coolest wind sculptures, which are very apt for Windy Wellington.  Here is Wendy...

And Jo from Blueberry Art with his soft German accent and cheekiness.  He sells bags and hats which are all hand made by his wife Maggie.  I will have to take some photos this weekend - they are amazing. 

I also have some very helpful assistants Jack (16) comes and helps me set up and Midget (14) keeps me company in the afternoon and Mr Stitchbird makes yummy lunches and comes in and spends some time.  Best of all it does not feel like work.  That's what happens when you are doing the thing you love, with people you love.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

rabbits, tennis and other gorgeousness

Look who arrived in the mail today from Louise aka Prairie Mouse!  I have called him Rafa.  Louise and I share an appreciation of good tennis and Rafa, which is strictly sporting you understand.  Rafa and many of his friends were knitted into the night whilst watching the US Open.  Louise has posted the link to the pattern for Rafa for those who are interested.  Louise - I love him and he is keeping me company at my computer. 

And on my blog hopping travels  - what did I spy over at es design - some gorgeous cushions made from vintage dishes.  Eleanor and her team have a store in Marion Street full of scrumptiousness.  I drool over her second hand mid century chairs,  (one day...).  I must admit to sometimes feeling intimidated by some interior design stores and the people in them - that whole too cool for school attitude - not at es design, they are just very friendly and helpful.

And some more gorgeousness from one of my lovely customers, Janine -  

A Babushka and Cat dress.  And this dress which Janine made out of one fat quarter of the the cat's meow...

Ada must be one of the best dressed babies!

The other gorgeousness is the lovely sunshine.  Hope you are having a great day where you are.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Giveaway Winners

Under very strict supervision the winners were drawn and they are:

The Baker's Twine Pack - Sunnybec

The Daiwabo Pack - Leonie

The Kokka Pack - Debbie

The Echino Pack - Jess

The Heather Ross Pack - Sarah Gough

The Spots Pack - Heidee Hantz

Congratulations!  I will email you all regarding getting your addresses etc for posting your goodies.

And thank you to everyone else who entered.

P.S. Debbie - I do not have your contact details can you please email me, my email address can be found on my blogger profile or in the store.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Case Makeover - and last few days for the giveaway

Before photos - found one tired school case at the op shop.

I loved the lettering - I think JNC went to Palmerston North High School.  The inside looking a bit tatty.

And after...

I used steam a seam fusible web to line the case with the Vintage Roses from Kokka.  If you have never used steam a seam before - there is a warning - it can be addictive.  It is a bit like when you first discover sellotape as a child! 

Also if you have not already entered the giveaway it is still on - you can check it out here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Thank You Giveaway

Hi remember me?  I fell off for a bit, but am trying to hop back on this blog thingy and I thought I would do so with the giveaway I have been promising.

Lots of new fabrics and bakers twine have arrived in store and there are 6 great giveaway packs to be won.

Here's what you have to do to enter:
  1. Check out the giveaways below and select the 3 you would most like to win.
  2. Leave a comment on my blog letting me know your threee favourites.
  3. Make sure I have a way of contacting you - if your email is linked to your blogger profile that is fine.
  4. You can be anywhere in the world Eketahuna or Timbuktu - I don't mind I will send it to you!
You don't have to become a follower or even like me on Facebook - I will like you anyway :0) and put your name in the draw - but if you would like to that is much appreciated.

So what is on offer?  Is it good?  If you have been a lurker on my blog and are yet to leave a comment this could be your chance...

The Bakers Twine Pack

10 metres of each colour of Bakers Twine in store.  That's 11 colours.

The Daiwabo Pack

A fat quarter of each of the following fabrics...

The Kokka Pack

A fat quarter of each of the following fabrics...

Echino Pack

A fat quarter of each of the following fabrics...

Heather Ross Far Far Away 3 Pack

60 cms of Snow White and a fat quarter of the other fabrics shown here...

Big on Spots Pack (because if you don't already know I am big on spots)

A fat quarter of each of the following fabrics...
Very Spotty Duck Egg Blue; French Navy, French Red, Going Dotty Green, Going Dotty Pink , Going Dotty Raspberry
I will leave comments open until at least next weekend (that's 25th September).

So thank you for supporting Stitchbird Fabrics and me in my crafting and blogging endeavours and lastly...
Good Luck!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bring it on...

It has been one of those weeks and I have nobody to blame but myself. 

A speeding ticket for going 56 km per hour in a 50 km zone

Walking up to the car to find a parking warden writing a ticket - I was 6 minutes over

Going to collect my business cards for the second time... there still not ready... when I finally get them they are the wrong ones (not my fault).

Now that is 3.  Do you think the big guy can stop messing with me now? I am grateful it is only small stuff and I am trying not to sweat it.  But Mr S has been teasing me, going round making camera noises like he is a speed camera. Geez why did I marry him?  Oh yes that's right because he is so supportive and was even seen selling fabric and trying to talk knowledgeably about fabric, patterns and the like.  I guess he does listen to me after all!

Sorry this has been a bit of a no blog zone.  I am still trying to make sense of the fabric that has arrived.  I am hoping to do a giveaway next week to celebrate the fabrics arrival, so please stay tuned. 

Night-night, I better go to bed as I have a big market in the morning.

 And because I feel like a nice photo to end on....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

fraulein roth (aka Little Red) is in the house

When I received my shipment of ribbons recently 2 of the ribbons that I ordered were missing from the shipment.  Oh La La (in German if I knew any!)

Had Fraulein Roth escaped the box?

Had she been kidnapped by a hard up delivery person trying to make a little extra on the side?

Had the wolf that travelled with her been denied entry into New Zealand because of his criminal past?

Luckily Fraulein Roth has since made the journey successfully and joins the other ribbons in the shop.

Happy Sunday.