Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Shipment is all Unpacked

It is like Christmas around here for fabric nuts like me with a new shipment of fabric arriving.  Where to start...I am in love with it all.  If I don't love it I don't buy it!

There are the new Little Red Riding Hood Prints

The wonderful Daisy Chain Range by the two Aussies Cath and Kirsten aka Prints Charming (be still my heart)

Plus all the new Echinos, Melody Miller and heaps more.  You will have to bear with me while I take photos and load all the fabrics into the shop.  I promise to be quick.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cover Quilt

One of my quilts and a cushion were on the cover of the November House and Garden and I missed it!

The quilt and cushion were sent off to NZ House and Garden many, many months ago for a photo shoot and returned.  They did appear in a beautiful photo in the magazine at the time and I thought nothing more of it.  So imagine my surprise when I was at the library on Friday and saw this...

The Princess and the Pea Quilt and the Far Far Away 2 cushion I made.

Now I would like to say that being very professional I just borrowed the magazine and came home quietly for a wee read - but no - I was very excited, told the librarian that that was my quilt there on the cover and rushed home to tell any one who would listen!

Including you!

Now I do not buy many magazines these days, I usually borrow them from the library, but I would like to have a copy of this magazine.  Unfortunately it is no longer for sale, but if any of you have a copy that you have finished with I would be happy to purchase it from you.  Please email me 

Thank you

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy New Year

Today is one week back from our fantastic holiday.  That blue ball of light above our heads is the timeball in Times Square New York.

We didn't get into the Square itself to see or hear Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga or Carlos Santana.  But we met some other great people on the night - a couple from Guernsey, another couple from Montreal, 3 guys who had pulled a marathon roadie from Ohio to make New York for New Year and 2 young medical students from China.  We had a great time in the cold, sharing stories - for me better than Justin any day.  But Lady Gaga.... 

And no trip to New York would be right without a trip to Fashion Ave and to visit a very special dog...

Swatch at Mood (I will show you my purchases another day).

We are all big fans of Project Runway in our house.

So for 2012... as Tim would say...

Make it Work!

And the outtakes....

Me being stupid (a very rare occurrence )